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A complete sexualities list because I haven't seen one yet.

  • Heterosexual: You are only sexually attracted to the opposite gender.
  • Homosexual: You are only sexually attracted to the same gender.
  • Bisexual: You are sexually attracted to both makes and females, you can be attracted to one gender more than the other.
  • Asexual: You do not experience sexual attraction, but you can be romantically attracted to someone. (Hand holding and kissing is yes. Sex is no) but that doesn't mean you can't have sex, it just doesn't hold any appeal for you.
  • Pansexual: You are sexually attracted not only to males and females, but also transgendered, androgynous, and gender fluid people. (You are sexually attracted to the following: men, women, transgender men, transgender women, gender fluid people, androgynous people, agender people, basically everyone.)
  • Polysexual: You are sexually attracted to more than one gender but don't want to be known as bisexual because it implies that there are only two genders, please do not confuse this with Pansexuality! Or Bisexuality! Pan means All and Poly means many.
  • Transexual: You are born one gender, but identify as another, you see yourself as the opposite gender and want to be that gender. (If you're born a boy and want to be a girl, or if you're born a girl and want to be a boy.)
  • Grey-asexual: You are almost an Asexual, but unlike Asexuals who never experience sexual attraction, you can experience sexual attraction very rarely if you are Grey-asexual. Once or twice, maybe a couple of times you can experience genuine sexual attraction.
  • Demisexual: You can experience sexual attraction to genders that depend on your orientation, however you can only be sexually attracted to someone when you have formed an emotional bond. Otherwise, like Asexuals, you do not experience sexual attraction. The emotional bond can be friendship, love, deep trust, any kind of bond that's emotional. Please do not confuse with an orientation! It. Is. Not. An. Orientation.
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